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What is tourist image of Ukraine in 20 years?

According to the World Tourism Organization, Ukraine takes the ninth position in Europe in the number of tourists. Ukraine is going to double the tourist inflow (to 50 million people a year) till 2022. Such aim belongs to the State programme of development of tourism and resort by 2022.

Ukraine is interested in the world. In the ranking of the attractive tourist destinations 2012 Kyiv took the first position in Europe and the third in the world. National Geographic considered Crimea the destination #1 among “20 places to be seen in 2013”. Lviv took the second place in the rating of the best places for weekend in Europe according to Lonely Planet.

The program provides the development of all areas of tourism and improvment the quality of service, as well as the country's infrastructure.

New directions for tourism. Poltava is going to develop green tourism and health resort Myrgorod. Ukrainian industrial regions can develop the industrial tourism and invite to great cultural and musical events. A key objective of Crimea is developing infrastructure for all-year-round rest as well as the diversification of services, such as the development of mountain and speleological tourism. Besides, Crimea should aim at the development of cruise tourism in the Black Sea.

Comfortable hotels. The concept of tourism development will provide hospitality industry according to European standards. Tourists need to be sure that the service corresponds to the number of "stars" in the same way as in any European country.

New players of travel industry. The new program is going to increase the number of jobs in tourism by 2.5 times, up to 1 million people. Experts and professionals will be invited from abroad.

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