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Ukraine has become more attractive for Europeans after “Euro-2012”

More than half citizens of European Union which visited Ukraine during “Euro-2012” have improved their opinion of Ukraine.

Figures of the sociological interview “The first Exit-Poll” conducted by GFK Company ordered by Institute of World Politics have proved it.

During the research 1048 respondents which came from the European countries were interviewed. According to the results of the interview, most of respondents (84, 64%) had never been to Ukraine before.

More than a half of Europeans (57,25%) claimed that the organizing of the championship has improved their impression of Ukraine, 55,82% said that after visiting Ukraine they liked it, 37,5 % confessed that feel respect for Ukraine and 31,87 % expressed their desire to support Ukraine.

“The research has demonstrated that ordinary citizens of the EU support Ukraine’s direction towards Euro integration on the whole and approve certain components of the process such as, for instance, introduction of visa-free regime”, - the results of the poll reports.

In particular, 42,56 % of European respondents say that Ukraine deserves entering the EU in the nearest future, 30,92% consider that Ukraine can become a member of the European Union over the medium term provided it improves its political and economic situation. And only 2,77% of respondents say they do not want to see Ukraine as a member of the EU at all.

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