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The Telegraph Names Kyiv Subway Station One of the Most Impressive in Europe

Other stations that made it to The Telegraph list include Toledo Metro station in Naples, Komsomolskaya metro station in Moscow, Solna station in Stockholm, as well as stations in London, Paris, Lisbon, Prague, Warsaw, and several Russian and German cities.

Zoloti Vorota station has been built right underneath one of the major Kyiv monuments – the Golden Gate. In fact, the name of the station is Ukrainian for “golden gate”. The ancient entrance to the city is now located in Kyiv downtown, due to dramatic expansion the city had experienced throughout its more than fifteen hundred year long history. As the legend has it, the gate used to be decorated with gold-like material, which was seen from miles away being a handy indicator for travelers approaching ancient Kyiv.

Reportedly, the Golden Gate was built in 1037. The monument survived many wars and armed conflicts with few of its original parts intact. Currently, the site serves as a museum. It’s been renovated to look like the original. The Zoloti Vorota subway station was unveiled in Kyiv on 1990 New Year’s Eve – on December 31, 1989.

The architects of the station were Boris and Vadim Zhezherin (responsible for the general issues of the construction) and Stanislav Adamenko and Maria Ralko, who designed the artistic elements of the station. The artists employed elements of the templesque architecture of Kyivan Rus while creating the interior of the Zoloti Vorota subway station.

The images of ancient princes of Kyiv along with local churches adorn the cylindrical white marble columns and the vault of the venue. Each column bears its own unique design. Moving clockwise around the station a visitor may acquaint themselves with Kyiv’s ancient history. Large chandeliers with candle shaped light bulbs decorate the ceiling of the station, while the e floor is covered in granite.

Besides the fact that the station is often referred to as one of the most impressive in the world – e.g. it hold the 11th position on the BootsnAll 2011 list of the most impressive subway stops in the world, – Zoloti Vorota is also quite deep – 80 meters (262.5 feet), while world’s deepest is arguably also a Ukrainian subway station, Kyiv’s Arsenalna (105.5 meters).

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