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The New York Times said that Kiev is one of the most exciting cities of the XX century

The authoritative American edition The New York Times, in a section devoted to travel, has published a fun article about the Ukrainian capital. The author very well speaks of Kyiv and makes recommendations where you could go, what to see and where you can have tasty meal.

As noted by The New York Times, even decades of Soviet domination did not stop Kiev to become one of the most exciting cities of the twentieth century.

In connection with the Euro-2012 in Kyiv came many football fans, and it is like a magnet has attracted all tourists with its beauty and history. Rave reviews from the tournament in the foreign media add advantages to the country's reputation.

The New York Times also published a list of places to visit within 36 hours of stay in the city. These places include the Central Independence Square, the Temple of Sophia Kyivska, with its reigning in it atmosphere of the Middle Ages, and of course - Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. The article also recommended to visit the exhibition of miniatures of Nicholas Syadristy, which is located on the territory of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, and is represented by miniatures that can be seen only under the microscope.

The city is also surprising tourists with its ancient history, its interesting legends, caves, churches and monuments. For an interesting picnic spot has also been attributed Truhanov island, which at the time of Euro tournament placed thousands of Swedes in their fan-camp. The publication called this resting place of Kievans and visitors alike as "Rio on the Dnieper River," which has beautiful views and a chic atmosphere.

The Kievans, The New York Times describes as people with a great sense of humor and a constant thirst for entertainment.

Also praised the Ukrainian chefs who are finding new approaches to cooking. Also did not go unnoticed vibrant nightlife. Therefore, it became clear why many Russians and Europeans come here to relax for the weekend.

Many tourists liked the Ukrainian cuisine, and the author simply could not get around to it attentively and listed the main Ukrainian dishes that leave a trace in the memory of no less than the sights of the city.

The New York Times recommends to visit the Bessarabian market, which, according to the author, is the main place where you can not just buy something tasty, but also to taste some delicacies.

For those who are coming to town for the first time it will be remembered, of course, as a very vibrant city with domes on the hills of the Dnieper and with the beautifully painted houses.

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