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Odesa Becomes Real-Life Wikipedia

The southern Ukrainian city of Odesa is getting equipped with QR code signs that allow any passerby to scan the code and discover important historical information about the landmark in sight. The first stage of the educational project saw the installation of 15 signs on the most outstanding architectural creations in downtown Odesa.

The QR-equipped landmarks in Odesa now include the former Skarzhynska rented apartment building at 24 Lanzheronivska St. The building was designed by M. Reinherz and erected in the first decade of the 20th century.

Other architectural landmarks in downtown Odesa boasting QR codes are the building of the Russian theater, hotel Bristol, and Shakh Palace.

Shakh Palace (alternatives names – Sheikh’s Palace, Palats Bzhozovskoho) has a neo-gothic, classicism design and was built in the mid-19th century. The designer of the building is Polish architect Feliks Gąsiorowski.

Another outstanding landmark in Odesa to acquire a QR code is the Budynok z Atlantamy (House With Atlases). Built at the end of the 19th century, the house is considered one ofthe most beautiful buildings in the city. The building’s signature is two Atlases (Titans) who struggle to support the balcony on the second floor of the house with a large star-studded globe. S. Landesman and L. Vlodek are the architects of the site.

Anyone with a suitable for QR code scanning digital device will be able to reach a wikipedia article on the building in question within seconds. The language of the article will be selected automatically, based on the default language set by the device user.

Moreover, anyone willing to contribute to the project is invited to send in their suggestions as to what building deserve the inclusion into the QR code equipped list. In order to do so, the volunteers are invited to either create a page about a city landmark in Wikipedia, or send in the link of the existing one to the project organizers.

In 2014, Odesa celebrates it’s 220th anniversary and the organizers (Wikipedia and NGO Odesa 2.0) aim to celebrate the date by adding the largest possible amount of the city landmarks to the project.

Curiously, the project ensured that Odesa became the first wiki-city in Ukraine as the project is unparalleled across the country. Should the project embrace all the city’s landmarks, Odesa will become the world’s first city with over one million residents to successfully implement such a project, informs Odesa 2.0.
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