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Military tourism in Kharkov

Tourists who come to Kharkov are especially interested in the military history of the USSR. Kharkov officials are planning to take that into consideration and include a number of city objects into their military tourism offer.

Foreign tourists will get a chance to visit Kharkov aircraft plant and the museum at the plant, as well as planes and the local airfield. Moreover, there will be tours to Malyshev plant, where tanks are located in a spacious area. There is also a corresponding museum.

Among other objects in Kharkov region that might interest tourists are the Chuguevo training airbase that used to belong to Kharkov University of the Air Force, and the tank division. However, these objects are not open for visitations, as the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine has not given permission for visitations yet. However, visits to Kharkov plants that produce military equipment can be also fascinating.

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