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Medical tourism is the new trend in Crimea

Tourism and recreation experts claim Crimea is able to further improve its tourism industry with the new kind of traveling – medical tourism. European Union representatives are convinced that medical treatment in Crimea is what will attract more European tourists to the resort. The most popular health spas are in Yevpatoria, Saki, Yalta, and Alushta.

Unique Crimean climate, close location to the sea, therapeutic mud and plants make Crimea a one-of-a-kind health resort. Moreover, proximity of major customer markets and cultural relations to Europe, Russia and Muslim community will make the resort attractive for people with medium and low incomes. Highly qualified medical staff, affordable prices and the variety of fascinating cultural and historical objects are additional advantages of Crimea.

To help develop medical tourism, Crimean officials will have to introduce a program of support for this segment of the industry. Tour operators also have to assist clinical sanatoriums that are currently being used as regular hotels.

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