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Kyiv Hosts Polish-Ukrainian Photo Exhibition

EURO: Two Countries One History is the name of the new photo exhibition to be hosted by the Kyiv History Museum and Polish Institute in Kyiv. According to the exhibition organizers the unique international photo-project will highlight the most ambitious sporting event since Ukraine's independence, which united millions of fans from dozens of countries at the European Football Championships EURO 2012, jointly hosted by Poland and Ukraine. The exhibition will start on June 13 and continue until June 30, 2013.

The photo exhibition will present the snapshots taken by four recognized photographers from Poland and Ukraine: Mariusz Forecki, Adam Nurkiewicz, Kostyantin Chernichkin, Michael Chernichkin. This exhibition – is a vivid recollection of the football festival, carnival of emotions and passions of the fans back from a year ago, claim the organizers. Visitors will see the pictures of the football matches in Polish and Ukrainian cities as well as witness turbulent life throughout the event, says the event announcement.

On June 13, 2013, the guests of the exhibition will have a chance to meet with the authors and the curator of the project Oleksandr Mykhed who want to share their experience and memories of the EURO Championship.

The exhibition photographers possess an extended, yet very different experience. Michael Chernichkin has been a sports reporter for almost forty years now. He took pictures of all Olympics where Ukrainian athletes participated. Actively engaged in sports photography, Adam Nurkevych founded Mediasport photo agency and co-founded the Polish Club of photojournalists.

Mariusz Forecki works in the field of documentary photography. He experienced EURO by capturing emotions of the fans and urban changes in the host cities. Kostyantyn Chernichkin, who worked on documentaries for the print media, and as Reuters photographer was able to record football matches in all Ukrainian cities during the Championship.

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