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Tourist City Card will appear in Kiev

A city tourist loyalty plastic card, which will open a lot more opportunities for tourists, will be introduced in May of 2013 in Kiev. The news was reported by Igor Grius, the head of City Card project in Ukraine, during a press conference.

The City Card tourist plastic card will be sold at major tourist sites in Kiev, mainly railway stations and airports. Every card will come with a tour guide that lists the biggest city attractions and museums, as well as the most popular hotels and restaurants. Grius noted that owners of the card will be able to save up to 10% on their accommodation cost, up to 30% in restaurants and 10% on their taxi charges. The project is already cooperating with 70 organizations, and half of them are ready to provide their services for free.

The capital of Ukraine will become the first city in the world to have a tourist card. The cost of using the card is 200 UAH ($25) for three days and 300 to 400 UAH ($38 to $50) for seven days.

After the launch of the project in Kyiv in May 2013, the implementation is planned in Lviv and Odessa.
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