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First interactive street lights installed in Uzhgorod

The first interactive street light in Uzhgorod will be devoted to the era of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and will have an audio excursion. According to the publication “Zagolovok”, appropriate buttons have already been installed on the bottom part of the lantern-pointer, but the multimedia system will start working after the installation of three more such lights in the city center. That is when electricity will be connected too.

The organizers promise that each of the facilities will reflect one of the historical periods in the history of Transcarpathia: "Czechoslovak" period (1919-1939), Austro-Hungarian and the Soviet eras.

According to Fedor Shandor, the Head of the Department of Tourism in UzhNU, the boards on the lights will also give information about hotels and restaurants, festivals, animations, various services that will facilitate the stay of tourists in the city.

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